Saturday, June 6, 2009

Garfish, Kirribilli - 5th June 2009

  • Salt and Pepper Squid w/ chilli, garlic, corriander and lime - $16 (shared)
  • Ciabatta Garlic bread - $3.50 (shared)
  • Barramundi (NT) - $34 (Durian)
  • Kingfish - $34 (Lychee)
  • Raspberry and Lemon Steamed Pudding w/ creme anglaise - $12 (shared)
  • Leo Buring Riesling, clare valley, SA - $7.50 (Durian)
  • the little wine company olivine merlot, hunter valley, NSW - $8.00 (Lychee)
  • Penfolds Grandfather Port - $8.50 (Durian)


The fish was delicious, special, memorable. The Barramundi was a gorgeous blend of melt in your mouth juice, fresh off the grill striking heat and a freshness of taste that was the highlight of the meal.

I had a similarly pleasurable experience with the Squid and my love/hate relationship with all things chili continued. I highly recommend the Squid and the Barramundi. 

The wine was nice, my first step in what should be a long and fruitful wine appreciation adventure. The Riesling had a slightly empty taste, the sparkle of the alcohol being the dominant feature. Drinking with the chili jam of the entree left an interesting sparkling after effect in my mouth. Overall I would have preferred a more smooth white wine to match the smooth lusciousness of my fish.  

Dessert was perhaps a slight let down. Partially a bad selection coupled with a very 'bready' pudding which slowed down the chew speed of my mouth to annoying levels. The raspberry and lemon sauce was sweet and tasty but personally I would have preferred a less textured conduit for it. Grandfather Tawny Port was my companion for this meal and I perhaps need to learn to drink it more slowly. The strong, sweet and powerful kick is highly pleasurable - but should be consumed slowly and in small doses. Lesson for next time - spend more time enjoying the dessert portion of the meal!

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Lychee said...

Friday Night - It felt like the first real "Friday Night" I'd had for a long long time. A glass of wine, a simple fresh plate of fish, my favourite dinner date. My shoulders unhunched themselves, I sank into the seat, leaned forward and breathed in the simple pleasures of that current moment.

We excitedly ordered.

As usual, I thought I'd try something I hadn't tried before. Kingfish - it was a meaty fish but i preferred the smooth and piping hot fattiness of Durian's Barramundi.

Grapefruit rocket and avocado salad surprised me with its mildness. I expected striking flavours all clamouring in my mouth. But somehow, they all blended and melted comfortingly.

Maybe it was my merlot that helped soften the astringency i was expecting. Earthy red wine. Just what I needed.

Perhaps I needed more of Durian's port. Caramel burning down my throat. But I only took 2 sips. There really is a limit for how much I should take of what my dinner companion's food and drink.

Dessert - yes - we decided to try something different. Such a tactic can always backfire. But it is ALWAYS worth it for those moments where you discover something new and heavenly. Last night's Steamed Pudding was not such an occasion.

Nonetheless - Friday night dinner was deliciously relaxing. I certainly should make more of a habit of such Friday nights.